12.09.2022 – Heresy!

Becky and I have been away visiting family this week, so just a brief observation:

The church has a well-deserved bad reputation for how it has dealt with heretics and their heresies.  I could write about that someday.  But our record with heretics and heresies doesn’t mean heresy and heretics don’t exist nor does it mean that defending truth and denying falsehood is necessarily a bad thing.

Which leads me to a great heresy brewing in the non-church word.

General Motors has announced plans to expand the Corvette line beyond the iconic sports car to an SUV and a four-door sedan.  Yes, heresy, and it would seem safe to say General Motors is now led by heretics.

The Corvette’s production run and my lifetime are nearly synonymous, so I think I should have a say in this.  Heresy!  Don’t tell me about the Porsche sedan and SUV. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I am not suggesting burning at the stake, but what will become of us if we let heresy and the heretics have their way?

Someday I will write about heresy and heretics in the church. It’s a problem there, too.