March 20 – Our Life-Sustaining Business

For reasons of his own, the governor has deemed the church a life-sustaining business. I have no idea what he had in mind, but I think he got this one right. So, we are allowed to keep the building open, which we will on a very limited basis.  Office hours will be random, but we’ll be around to accept food donations for the Deacons’ Pantry and baby supplies for ChoiceOne. Oh, and offering envelopes filled with your tithes and gifts.

In fact, of course, while the building will be mostly closed and the calendar has been cleared, the life-sustaining business of the church continues.  But not very much at the building.

It has been a week like no other. Still sermons to write and lessons to plan (see you online!). Still people to contact by phone and text and email.  But more than that, it has been such a good week to see the life-sustaining work of LPC as we reach out to one another and share the hope and the faith and the love that is ours in Christ.  Frankly, at this point we have more people willing to offer practical help – running an errand, providing a ride, that kind of thing – than we have people asking for help. That may change.

I get to see LPC in action in some other ways.

  • I have read your submissions for the Lockdown Devotional and am eager to share them day by day.
  • I have seen our Deacons volunteering their compassionate care wherever it is needed.
  • I have watched as Casey and Tyler reach out to children, students, and their families.
  • I have read your words and heard your voices as you share your faith and your peace with those around you.
  • I have heard from our mission partners close to home and far away and am so encouraged by faithfulness in situations different – and frankly, so much harder – than our own.

The life-sustaining business of the church is not by government decree but by our commission from the one who is Lord of the church and Lord of all.  Sometimes its hard to know what he had in mind, but a long time ago he decided that we would be his arms and his legs, his ears and his eyes, his smile and his care in a world that he knew would someday face the Coronavirus.  He made us his Body until he comes to make all things new.

What a joy to be called, every one of us, to this life-sustaining business!

I won’t see you Sunday, but be sure to check in! “Do not be afraid,” the preaching text tells us. Little did I know when I planned this series last summer…


Our building is closed and our calendar has been cleared, but the church is still very much alive!

  • Our website will always have the latest news, updates, and resources. 
  • Check out our Lockdown Devotional with its words of encouragement to LPC people from LPC people.
  • Thank you Casey Huckel and Melanie Pienkowski for the Children’s Ministry Newsletter and its great ideas for Christian nurture at home this weekend. 
  • We’ve launched Virtual Faith Acts and plan on being back next week with another Bible Study from Revelation 3
  • Sunday’s sermon, along with some amazing music from Kyle Duke, will be posted by 10:00 a.m. Sunday.  
  • Tyler has prepared devotional and other materials for our students – Students, check your email!
  • Our elders and deacons are ready and willing to help with any need!  Please reply to this email if you or an LPC member you know needs some assistance.
  • STAY IN TOUCH WITH ONE ANOTHER! Phone, email, text, FaceTime, even a card in the mail!