Daily Archives: December 13, 2019

December 13 – A Squatters’ Christmas

Last evening in our Faith Acts adult class we attempted to answer the provocative question, “Is it time to take Christ out of Christmas?”  We ran out of time, as I knew we would, and I’m not sure we answered the question.  I’m pretty sure no single answer to the question is to be found.

Christmas has always been a problem for Christians.  We talk about the “real meaning” of Christmas and then hurry back to our shopping lists.  We love this season of joy, but then find ourselves irritated by the unreasonable demands of the season.  We want to keep Christ in Christmas, but forget to read our Christmas devotional or find ourselves five days behind in opening the Advent calendar windows.  Everyone knows our wait is for Christmas morning stash much more than for Christmas Eve worship.

At its best our Christmas is schizophrenic, Christian Christmas and Cultural Christmas waging war within and without.  There’s a war on Christmas, some say.  It rages on every front.

Things aren’t looking good on the battlefield. Perhaps we should retreat before we must surrender.  The culture owns Christmas.  We might as well go underground – committing acts of sabotage when we are able, refusing to cooperate with the occupying forces as best we can. Continue reading