June 22 – A Very -ful Week

The flight from Denver arrived in Philadelphia around 11:30 last night, just a little late.  Our EPC General Assembly came to a close less than 24 hours ago, and it was so full.  There’s not been nearly enough time to even begin to put all the pieces of the week together in a way that paints a picture of what the week was all about for our denomination and for those of us privileged to be a part of the time at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church.

Here are some of the “-ful” pieces that will fit together into what we will understand better in time:

  • Wonderful worship.  What more can we say about 1,000 voices singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness” or “Ten Thousand Reasons”
  • Faithful preaching from Andrew Brunson, Léonce Crump, and others
  • Helpful seminars on leadership, ministry, and theology
  • Hopeful presentations on the future direction of the EPC as we seek to be Christ’s church in our complicated world
  • Joyful connection with friends and colleagues, old and new, from around the church and around the world.

Elder Don Reimold and I will give an initial report on the Denver GA to the elders at Monday evening’s Session meeting.  We will keep you posted on ways we might let the entire congregation hear more about his very “-ful” week.

See you Sunday!