Daily Archives: February 15, 2008

E-pistle February 15

i. Sharing the Life of Jesus?

ii. Let’s Talk

It’s on the homepage of the website.  We see it every Sunday at the top of the bulletin.  It’s on our stationary and business cards.  It’s that wonderful phrase “sharing the life of Jesus.”  But what do we mean when we say it as often as we do?  I’ve been thinking about sharing the life of Jesus.  It’s something the Bible talks about. 

There are a couple of different Greek words used in the New Testament and that are translated as “share.”  One of the words means to give and is also used when speaking of sharing with those in need.  The other word means to join in or participate and reflects one of the deep joys and mysteries of the Christian life. 

Let me give you a “sharing the life of Jesus” sampler from the Scriptures: Continue reading