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lpc e-pistle February 8

Grace and Election (presidential and otherwise)

And then there were four.The winnowing continues and post-Super Tuesday, we’re down to four contenders for two presidential nominations. Okay, Ron Paul fans, I know there may be five, but I’m afraid your guy just might not make it.¬†

The answer to the question is “yes.”I just don’t know the details.The question, of course, is “should there be some kind of campaign finance reform?”Poor, well not really, Mitt Romney spent $654,000 for each delegate he won in his failed bid for the presidency.And pity Rudy Giuliani who, $48 million later, leaves the store empty handed.(You can read all about it here)Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama have each raised over $100 million and for one of them it will be all for naught.¬† Continue reading