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June 7 – 2×2: Tag Team Ministry

Andrew, not his real name, walked into the church office Wednesday afternoon as Tyler, our youth director, and I were conferring about Sunday’s message.  He spoke with Sandy first and she heard enough of his story to know that it was worth his waiting to talk. Tyler and I finished our conversation, Tyler heading back to his office and Sandy to tell me just a little about Andrew, this young man waiting patiently in the outer office. His situation was more than some food from the food pantry might resolve.

The back and forth with Tyler probably took five seconds.

“This sounds important.  Would you like to talk to him or shall I?” I asked.
“Let’s tag team it,” Tyler answered.

So, we tag teamed it and for the next hour and a half Tyler and I talked with Andrew.  Suffice it to say that Andrew was as confused as he was hungry, as friendless as he was penniless, and a long way from home. Continue reading